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Empowering Transformation: Women’s Studies Conference 2023 in London

Discover an arena for change at the Women’s Studies Conference 2023, uniting leaders from academia, business, nonprofits, and government sectors. Engage in dialogues, share your expertise, and network globally.

Reasons to Join Women’s Studies Conference 2023

Present Your Work: Showcase your research, garner recognition, and inspire others.

Cross-Sector Networking: Participate in cultural events, explore opportunities, and gain sector-specific insights.

Publication Opportunities: Share your work in esteemed publications.

Immersive Experience: Engage in a dynamic learning environment and explore emerging trends in vibrant London.

Virtual Access: Register as a virtual attendee for live sessions and interactive Q&A.

Key Dates to Remember

20 October 2023: Submission Deadline for Papers

31 October 2023: Registration Deadline

Expand Your Knowledge and Career

Delve into diverse themes at Women’s Studies Conference 2023, encompassing gender politics, LGBTQ studies, ecofeminism, and more. Drive change and advancement through discussions and debates.

Exclusive Film Screening

Filmmakers Jen Rainin and Rivkah Beth Medow will present “AHEAD OF THE CURVE,” a captivating and thought-provoking film.

Publish Your Research

Selected research papers and academic manuscripts can be published in reputable journals, contributing insightful findings.

Amplifying Voices: Inspiring Change through Life Narratives

Make a powerful impact by sharing personal stories and experiences in the Impact session. Connect globally and inspire change.

Exploring Historic London

Balancing academic rigor with adventure, experience the blend of old and new in London. From cutting-edge technology to centuries-old architecture, relish diverse international cuisines. Also, join a complimentary one-day tour of London.

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