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Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: 3rd Global Power and Energy Conference in Vienna

Discover the future of renewable energy and power innovations at the 3rd Global Power and Energy Conference in Vienna, Austria, on June 21-22. This pivotal event unites global experts and enthusiasts for knowledge exchange and networking.

Participants worldwide gather to discuss diverse energy topics, present research, and foster collaborations. Aspiring researchers and academics find valuable opportunities for exploration and publication.

Listeners and Collaborators

Even as a listener, attendees gain insights and potential collaborators, shaping the future of sustainable energy. Mark your calendar for this enriching academic conference.

Diverse Audience

Scientists, industrialists, professors, researchers, students, and government representatives engage in discussions promoting meaningful changes in the renewable energy sector.

Mastering Presentations

Effective oral presentations, emphasizing interaction over reliance on slides, enhance audience engagement. The venue at Hotel Regina, Vienna, Austria, fosters cross-border learning.

Immersing in Vienna’s Culture

Network globally and enjoy a complimentary one-day city tour amidst Vienna’s rich history and culture.

Contribution to the Future

Join discussions, showcasing expertise in renewable energy. Rigorous double-blind peer reviews ensure quality and authenticity.

Publication Opportunities

Accepted abstracts and full papers receive publication prospects, contributing to prestigious academic journals and proceedings.

Join the Movement

Conference registration includes scientific sessions, materials, a Welcome Reception, exhibition, poster viewing, and refreshments. Be part of the global renewable energy movement.

Mark Your Calendar

Join the renewable energy revolution at the 3rd Global Power and Energy Conference on June 21-22, 2024, in Vienna, Austria.

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